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With the rising costs of energy and utilities

BEIJING puma basket heart patent leather white , March 16 (Xinhua) -- China has expressed high concern over a trawler that was sunk by Argentina's coast guard and urged the Argentine side to take effective measures to prevent future incidents of this kind.

A Chinese trawler was shot by Argentina's coast guard after being chased for several hours, while fishing in waters near Argentina on Monday morning (Beijing time), leading to the sinking of the vessel after water running into it, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said.

The Foreign Ministry and Chinese embassy in Argentina have urgently lodged representations with the Argentine side, expressing grave concern over the incident puma basket heart sale , according to Lu.

China demanded the Argentine side to thoroughly investigate the incident and update the Chinese side, and safeguard Chinese sailors' security and legitimate rights and interests.

"China urged the Argentine side to take effective measures to prevent such incident from happening again," Lu said.

There were no fatalities. Four sailors were rescued by Argentina's coast guard and the remaining 28 were rescued by Chinese trawlers nearby.

This handout image received from Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office shows British aid worker Alan Henning holding a child in a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border.

LONDON: The wife of a British taxi driver being held hostage by Islamic State militants implored his captors to release him, saying on Saturday (Sep 20) she could not see how his death could assist any cause.

Alan Henning, a Briton who volunteered to drive a humanitarian aid convoy to Syria for a Muslim charity puma rihanna slippers black , was captured 10 months ago and is in the hands of the IS group. In a statement released through Britain's Foreign Office, Barbara Henning urged his captors to "see it in their hearts to release my husband", given the circumstances in which he was in Syria.

The 47-year-old father of two teenage children was shown in the same video released a week ago that documented the gruesome murder of fellow Briton David Haines.

"Alan is a peaceful, selfless man who left his family and his job as a taxi driver in the UK to drive in a convoy all the way to Syria with his Muslim colleagues and friends to help those most in need," his wife said. "When he was taken he was driving an ambulance full of food and water to be handed out to anyone in need.

"His purpose for being there was no more and no less. This was an act of sheer compassion. I cannot see how it could assist any state's cause to allow the world to see a man like Alan dying."

Barbara Henning said she had been trying to communicate with IS and had sent some "really important messages" but had received no response. "I pray that the people holding Alan respond to my messages and contact me before it is too late puma fur slide restock ," she said.

"When they hear this message I implore the people of the Islamic State to see it in their hearts to release my husband Alan Henning." The taxi driver's family live in Manchester, northwest England. He joined a group of Muslim friends who founded the charity "Aid4Syria" and even had the name tattooed on his arm.

STOCKHOLM, June 16 (Xinhua) -- There are thousands of potentially violent extremists in Sweden, representing a dramatic increase in recent years, according to the Swedish Security Service (Sapo) puma suede creeper black gold , Swedish news agency TT reported Friday.

"We have never seen anything of this magnitude before," Anders Thornberg, head of Sapo, told TT in an interview.

Thornberg added that this "new normal" of growing extremist milieus is very serious.

Violence-embracing extremism comprises everything from people who sympathize with extremist messages to those who inspire and recruit or attract funding. The greatest concentration of these milieus is in Stockholm, Gothenburg puma creeper oatmeal suede for sale , Malmo and the city of Orebro, a city 200 kilometers west of Stockholm, according to Sapo.

This year Sapo received 6,000 intelligence reports a month related to terrorism and extremism. Five years ago the average was 2,000 a month.

Reports can come from a variety of sources including the public puma suede creepers womens sale , the Internet or intelligence services from other countries.

"Generally, every second day we receive reports of a potential terror act, that someone has said they will commit a terrorist act, or information about something brewing," Thornberg said.

Sapo must also approach the threats in new ways rihanna creepers velvet burgundy , he said. Before terrorists planned their attacks over a long period of time, which increased chances that security services would catch them in time.

"Today an idea is hatched, they maybe buy two knives or rent a truck, and drive it into a crowd of people," he said. "We have to work faster. We need to be working around the clock and never take any chances. We have to patch any holes that exist puma creeper velvet for sale ," Thornberg said.

On April 7, a 39-year-old man stole a truck and drove it down one of Stockholm's busiest pedestrian streets, killing five people.

The terror threat remains at the same level since 2010, at three on a five-point scale, that is an increased threat of an attack.

"But we make an assessment each day if there is a reason to change the terror threat level womens balenciaga speed trainer red ," Thornberg said.

Landmark success of China's quantum experiment is far-reaching

AIIB's 2nd annual meeting of governors kicks off to seek "sustainable infrastructure"

People visit Wolong valley resort at Wuyuan County in east China

People pay tribute to "Batman" TV series star Adam West in U.S.

China successfully tests near-space flight of largest solar drone

Ancient tombs excavated in N China

Aerial view shows scenery in Hong Kong

Waxberry planting, fruit picking tours boost economy in China's Zhejiang

MADRID, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Rafael Nadal on Monday pulled out of Spain's Davis Cup clash with Croatia this weeken.

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